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Diaspora – Overseas People of Indian Descent

After the abolition of slavery in 1834, many people from India were lured by tales to South Africa, Fiji and the Caribbean.They worked very hard to survive and in turn helped make that land prosperous.

Initially they wished to return home to India as Nothing beats the feeling of being amongst one’s own kind

They hunger for the sound of the fast flowing Ganga, the healing sound of hymns and singing of Bhajans and Aarti. They missed the beauty of Tajmahal, Sweetmeats of old Delhi, and sacred Quwalllis of Ajmer. One of the biggest attractions is the shopping experiences

In South Africa apartheid made traveling to motherland almost unheard off. For many years they remained cut off from their cultural heritage. The main connection to India was in the form of letters from friends and relatives, stories from the old folk and Bollywood movies. South Africans experienced India via these mediums and their imagination.

Post 1994-The New South Africa

The advent of democracy was a major catalyst in forging warm relations with India which once considered South Africa a pariah state. As a result South African Indians began visiting the Motherland in large numbers.

However, due to most South African Indians having no previous contact with India, many of them toured India with travel agents who themselves were naive to what the Motherland had to offer. With growing numbers of South African Indians heeding the call to explore their roots in India, the Indian tourism industry gained a reputation of becoming a "tourist trap" with many agents being incentivized to offer tours to specific locations, markets, etc.

As a result many South African were touring India on a very superficial level, leaving India with a disappointing and distorted impression of all that the great land has to offer.

Rishikesh Resorts has a firm presence in South Africa by virtue of our Ayurvedic practice there. Based on our numerous interactions with South African Indians over the past several years, we are in a unique position to appreciate what South Africans are seeking in their intended visits to India.

Since the roots of our practice lie in India we believe we can offer an unsurpassed all-encompassing experience of India from the perspective of the locals, whilst appreciating the specific expectations being sought as a South African Indian going to India in search of their roots.

With this in mind Rishikesh Ayurveda Resorts have on offer excellent tour packages to India which includes transport, accommodation in good hotels and competent English speaking tour guides who are committed to making your trip a memorable and fulfilling one.

We are not a travel agency, we are like a friend on this side. You can make own plan for your trip and ask for our assistance.

We aim to make our service unique to that of the hundreds of tour operators in India and South Africa who sell packages without reliable source of information, leaving the client unsatisfied only to return home unhappy and frustrated.

We are committed for your value of time and money

We will make sure of your return home, happy, rejoiced, safe and secure so that you will always return in favor of our service.

For now, we offer individualized tours to Delhi, Mathura, Agra, Kurukshetra, Haridwar, and Rishikesh (our Head Office).

Our journey together will start with meet and greet at Delhi airport with our representative waiting for you.
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