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Healthy Food
Where food is not a seven course meal served, but the aroma that gets your taste buds working before the meal is begun.

healthy food Contrary to popular belief, our ayurvedic food is not restricted to carrots and lentils and tasteless rice, mung beans and soups. We banish the stereo type that food that’s good for you tastes bad. We create dishes that are both healthy and delicious.

Our food is low in fat, high in fiber and rich in nutrients and minerals. Ingredients are natural, chemical free and whole food products that are unprocessed, free from hormones, sweeteners and food colourings on their menus.

We utilize vegetables grown in local organic farms.

Our team is passionate about fresh, seasonal produce prepared in a natural way, and aims to ensure the cuisine is still dished up with the maximum preservation of nutrients.

Its rich aromas and generous use of herbs and spices, though it’s definitely not for the faint hearted.

All of the food is fresh and prepared each time in front of you by the cooks.

Our simply motto of food, If is not delicious it can’t be healthy.

Vegan, Gluten & Dairy free can also be served on request.

Visiting India, and more specifically Rishikesh Resort, was an amazing experience that I can highly recommend. We thoroughly enjoyed the treatments, delicious food, friendly staff and the outings arranged for us. I would love to visit again.
Cornelle du Plessis

I am very grateful to be on the receiving end of Rishikesh Resorts Team. As a Wellness Consultant and Yoga Teacher I'm always on the go- giving to others with little time for myself. On arrival, I was met immediately by his co- Dr and Vedic scholar- their consultations assisting me in realizing the bigger picture of my health and spiritual journey here. For almost 2 weeks, I had daily massage and Shirodhara- which played a part in my healing. My outlook on life, is more balanced and in alignment with my soul purpose. Their team were friendly and VERY accommodating- even when I had motion sickness from journey
You definitely feel at home...

Blessings and love.
Claire Stephenson
Ich habe zwei aufregende und abenteuerliche Wochen in Rishikesh im 2012 verbracht. Der Zweck meines Besuchs war mich zu entspannen, meine Gesundheit wieder herzustellen und wieder meine innere Stimme zu hören.

Alle meine Erwartungen wurden erfüllt - und überschritten. Wir gingen Wildwasser-rafting auf dem Ganges, nahmen teil an lokalen Zeremonien, Spaziergänge in den Bergen, bummleten Nachts in den Märkten und täglichen Punchkarma Das Zentrum bietet eine wunderbare, einfache tägliche rhytmus mit wunderbare, fürsorgliche Mitarbeiter deren indische Sinn für Humor mir viel lachen und Freude bot.

2015 mein Mann war sehr krank und ohne zu zögern, verbrachte er zwei Monate bei im Zentrum Rishikesh. Was das Team - einschließlich des Priesters, Masseure, Köche und Doctors erreicht haben war einfach wunderbar. Meine Mann glaubte wieder an sich selbst, er ist wieder bewusst und reagieren auf andere. Seine sanfte Wahrheit ist hergestellt – etwas was oft in unseren modernen, belebte Lebensstil zu vernachlässigen scheinen. Als Familie sind wir sehr dankbar für die Pflege und Liebe und wahre Freundschaft des Teams.
Erica Kempken
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