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About Rishikesh Resorts
Rishikesh Resorts Rishikesh used to be a small village till early last century. It was a base camp for Indian pilgrims travelling to a mountain stretch of four holy places that include the glaciers of the Himalayas and the source of the rivers as per Vedic texts. Rishikesh provides the ‘possibility’ of bringing out the best in one. Its sages can fertilise and grow your seed.

Our team includes an Ayurveda doctor, a yoga Acharya, and a meditation facilitator. There is a Vedic Astrologer, well-qualified Ayurveda Therapists, a Chef and other supporting staff. All are specialists and skilled in their respective fields.

Our dream of creating a healing Centre living up to international standards has now been realised. People can relax, heal and rejuvenate their being - and feel gravity-free - surrounded by love in a caring family atmosphere. This realisation of having a fully-fledged Wellness Centre has been successfully achieved with support from Dr. Ram Ayurveda Wellness Private Limited India and Namaste Ayurveda Company South Africa.

Since 2012 huge input from our Indian and international friendship helped us build a structure that provides furnished accommodation, treatment facilities and decorated interiors that is now known as Rishikesh Resorts. Bustling Rishikesh attracts thousands of pilgrims to its heart every year. The Beatles visited Rishikesh in 1968 and it has become a popular destination worldwide.

Today, it is home to hundreds of internationally renowned ashrams, thousands of meditation places offering yoga, enlightenment and spiritual courses. Adjacent to the thick, blue waters of the Ganga, lie dozens of temple towers, hundreds of orange-clad sadhus visited by thousands of tourists. Every evening on the banks of the river the town gathers for Ganga Aarti- a Vedic ceremony to worship the Ganga. Priests lead processions of chanting, saffron-robed monks to the edge of the river. Our Rishikesh Resorts is located in this peaceful valley very close to Badrinath highway. A 10-minute walk takes one to the city centre on one side of the Ganges or to a garden route that leads to the white sand and clean blue water of the river on the other side.

From the first day we have received positive comments from all over the globe. We are indeed grateful for the enthusiastic support of those people who have experienced our wellness program and are delighted by the responses we receive from them.

Our mission is to explore ancient eastern wisdom and to present its best aspects to everyone in a practical maner without interfering in their chosen paths.

Guest Comments
Dear All, The universe sent me to you and my expectations of a Panchkarma in India are so much more than fulfilled. But also and much more the love I got through the wonderful food, the memorable, relaxing treatments made me feel happy and like in a new family. I wish you all the best for the future and all your plans for the future.
Anuschka (Germany)
I had the pleasure of staying with Rishikesh Resorts Centre for 2 weeks in November 2014 on the outskirts of this beautiful, lively and spiritual town. The atmosphere was so warm and friendly with a genuine air of loving kindness among both Doctor, staff and the residents, and the wonderful vegetarian food was always freshly made and nutritious. Daily Ayurvedic massage treatments were tailored to suit our individual needs but there was always plenty of time for personal reflection, meditation, or simply to relax in the sunshine or explore the many splendours of the town and its holy river. Those of us with plenty of energy went on an exhilarating white water ride (and swim!) down the Ganges, a guided walk in the beautiful mountains above the town and a sunrise visit to a local temple. We even took part in an evening fire puja down by the serene river. I can highly recommend Rishikesh Resorts for anyone wishing to unwind, find themselves some space in their life journey and meet some wonderful like-minded people on the way.
David Kershaw
The best experience, lit was full of everything. Every moment was blessed! It was truly a memorable experience. The love and humanity that we were shown is more than can be described and the peace that we felt is something that cannot be explained.

Thank you for everything.
Taysa Burova (Russia)
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